TRS Rhinoplasty Mentoring Group

The Rhinoplasty Society has created the Rhinoplasty Mentoring Group. This program is open to residents, fellows and recent graduates (within 5 years) of programs in plastic surgery, otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. Membership in The Rhinoplasty Society is not a requirement, nor is this an application for membership in The Rhinoplasty Society.

These sessions will be limited to a small group and will be led by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon with demonstrated teaching experience. If you are interested in applying for one of the mentoring group sessions, fill out the application below and click 'submit' when completed. We will also need you to attach your CV to this form. For residents and fellows, along with your CV, you will need to attach a letter from your current program director giving your status in good standing and the anticipated date of graduation.

The RMG plan is as follows: Once your application is received, it goes into a file to be reviewed. Once reviewed, if we need further information we will notify you. If your application is approved, it goes into a list with the other approved applications. Each month, we will send out one email announcing the next session, including the date, time and the mentor's name. If you are available on that date and time listed, you must be one of the first 12 people to reply to that email with 'available' in order to have an opportunity to be accepted into that group. Once the first 12 emails come in, that group will receive an acceptance email stating they will be in that group. If you do not receive this email, please be assured your application is still in the list to receive the email for the next month's session.