Functional Rhinoplasty

What Is Functional Rhinoplasty?

Functional rhinoplasty consists of nose surgeries that are performed for medical reasons. Unlike cosmetic nose surgery, functional rhinoplasty seeks to correct structural issues that cause breathing problems. With this procedure, the nasal structures are adjusted in order to restore proper airflow. Due to the delicate nature of functional rhinoplasty, it's important for patients to seek out an experienced plastic surgeon when considering this procedure. The Rhinoplasty Society is a professional organization that seeks to educate patients on nasal surgery. To learn more about the benefits of functional rhinoplasty, please contact a nasal specialist near you.

Who Needs Functional Rhinoplasty?

You may wish to consider functional rhinoplasty if structural issues make it difficult to breathe properly. Common reasons for this procedure include a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, nasal polyps, nasal trauma, and deformity. Candidates for functional rhinoplasty are in good general health and have realistic expectations regarding their results.

What to Expect During Functional Rhinoplasty

The surgical method used will depend on the issue being addressed. The most common types of functional rhinoplasty are septoplasty, turbinate reduction surgery, nasal valve repair, and nasal fracture repair. Patients will be placed under general anesthesia for all of these procedures. The ultimate goal of functional rhinoplasty is to create more space for proper airflow. This can either be done by removing tissue inside the nasal cavity or by repositioning the cartilage into proper alignment. Sometimes the nasal bones will need to be reshaped and adjusted as well.

Improve Your Nasal Function

Patients routinely seek functional rhinoplasty for all kinds of reasons, whether it's due to chronic inflammation, a natural misalignment of the nasal passages, or a traumatic injury. During a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon, more information will be provided about the improvements that can be made. The Rhinoplasty Society is dedicated to connecting patients with experienced specialists based on their goals.

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