The Rhinoplasty Society Endorsement Policy

A program endorsed by The Rhinoplasty Society may use The Rhinoplasty Society’s logo on its promotional materials; such as promotional material shall use no words other than “Endorsed by The Rhinoplasty Society” in describing the relationship of The Rhinoplasty Society to the program. Endorsed programs may receive The Rhinoplasty Society member email list and The Rhinoplasty Society logo artwork at no additional charge. All endorsed symposia will be included in The Rhinoplasty Society’s notices in publication calendars. Endorsement will be provided for each individual symposium.

The Rhinoplasty Society will consider meeting endorsement if the following criteria are met: The meeting has a focus on rhinoplasty, and the meeting (or portion focused on rhinoplasty) is marketed only to plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons and otorhinolaryngologists. Exceptions to this policy are made only with approval of The Rhinoplasty Society Board of Directors.