Nasal Reconstruction | Nasal Valve Reconstruction

What Is Nasal Reconstruction?

Injury, skin cancer, and other problems can leave the nose appearing disfigured while also leading to obstructed breathing. Nasal reconstruction and nasal valve reconstruction are surgeries that repair the function and appearance of the nose following trauma. For these procedures, surgeons must possess high levels of skill and artistic detail to create optimal outcomes for patients. The Rhinoplasty Society is a nonprofit organization consisting of board-certified surgeons. They have experience in some of the most intricate procedures performed by plastic surgeons today.

Candidates for Nasal Reconstruction

Nasal reconstruction involves using specialized techniques to rebuild the nose after injury or trauma. In general, patients should seek a surgeon sooner rather than later in order to get the best possible result. There are a number of reasons why nasal reconstruction might be performed, such as repairing the structure of the nose following a car accident, physical altercation, nasal valve collapse, or for a developmental problem. Patients may also seek nasal reconstruction to revise the results of a previous rhinoplasty.

How Is Nasal Reconstruction Done?

General anesthesia is usually provided prior to this surgery. As a highly complex procedure, nasal reconstruction can take several hours to complete. Your surgeon will employ various strategies to rebuild the structure of the nose in order to create a more pleasing cosmetic appearance as well as alleviate functional difficulties. Using either the open or closed rhinoplasty technique, an incision will be made in the skin, followed by adjusting the cartilage and bone. Skin grafts or flaps may be used to repair the form and function of the nose. If you have a nasal blockage that restricts your breathing, nasal valve reconstruction is often carried out.

Find a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Nasal reconstruction can offer aesthetic and functional benefits. Whatever your goals and needs might entail, it is important to choose a skilled surgeon to perform your procedure. The plastic and reconstructive surgeons in The Rhinoplasty Society have experience in complex nose procedures. As innovators in their field, they possess a deep commitment to aesthetic and reconstructive nasal surgery. To locate a Rhinoplasty Society member near you, please visit our Find A Surgeon directory.

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