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Dr. Marcus is Professor and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Duke University and is the Director of one one the longest standing and renowned plastic surgery training programs in the country, established in 1946.

He is Board-Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery with particular interest in rhinoplasty. Dr Marcus is also a widely recognized pediatric plastic surgeon and craniofacial surgeon, treating children with facial deformities in the Southeasteern US as well as globally through charitable global health work. His practice blends aesthetic artistry with technical precision to treat patients seeking cosmetic changes as well as those in need of true restorative facial surgery for challenging conditions.

Surgery of the nose – rhinoplasty – became a primary focus early in Dr. Marcus’ training due to its inherent demand for technical perfection and its marriage of form and function. “The nose is unique and challenging for the surgeon because it occupies the most prominent position on the face and plays a very important functional role. Even subtle problems in either regard can cause a patient great concern.” Dr Marcus performs surgery for aesthetic correction as well as functional surgery to improve nasal breathing.

Rhinoplasty surgery has changed greatly over even the past decade as a result of technical innovations and refinements in surgical technique. Rhinoplasty surgeons come from a variety of backgrounds, but all must share a commitment to continuous study in this ever-evolving field in order to provide patients with the best results possible. Dr Marcus listens to his patients’ goals, observes their concerns, and discusses the options that may be appropriate. Together, a realistic plan to safely and effectively meet their desires is reached.

Understanding the patients goals is the most important part of a consultation. “It is not long after I see a patient for the first time that I spot the possible aesthetic concerns that they may have about their nose. If my observations match the concerns that they share, AND if I feel that I am able to successfully address those concerns, then we are set up for success. The most important skill in rhinoplasty is listening.”

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